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COVID-19, OBX Front Steps Project, and a Personal Update

I took part in the OBX Front Steps Project to raise money for the Beach Food Pantry. It was such a blessing to capture (from afar) these families spending quarantine time together.

Here's what's going on in my head during this crazy time:

I won’t lie, the past month or so has been hard. It's been hard for everyone. And I am someone who has been extremely lucky. So far, my family is healthy. We live in a place that has only had 8 confirmed cases to date. I think about my clients in New York City everyday. I pray for their health and wellbeing and hope that this will end soon.

The way I have been affected by COVID-19 so far is so small that it's nothing I feel like I have the right to complain about. That being said, I'm giving myself some grace to feel however I want, while also giving myself a reality check when I need it. We should all be extra kind to ourselves right now!

I have had to reschedule almost two months of sessions and that hasn’t been easy. And since I shoot so many families who come here to Duck and Corolla on vacation, some of them we have just had to cancel for the time being. Financially it’s scary. Mentally it’s hard. Being out of work, even when you know it’s only temporary is still a scary thing to face.

I have been participating in the OBX Front Steps Project to raise money for the Beach Food Pantry. Because even though I'm a little worried about having to reschedule weddings and cancel sessions, I am more scared for my fellow Outer Banks-ers. So many of us make all our money for the year during the spring and summer season. I'm especially worried for every one in Ocracoke. They were hit hard last fall when Hurricane Dorian hit their shores. As soon as things open up I hope lots of folks head down there to give them some business.

BUT there have been so many beautiful blessings all around me during this strange time of social distancing too. My house is FULL. And most days, so is my heart. (I'm not going to talk about the days that I think I need a psych eval...that's another post!) My husband, Josh, and I have three kids. Jake is 4, Clara is 2 and Max is 4 months. Usually Jake would be in Preschool but right now everyone is home.

So we created a schedule to give a little structure to our days and it's been going great...most of the time. I'm really trying to soak in this time with them. Taking a more proactive role in teaching Jake kindergarten skills has been so rewarding. And Clara is learning too! They are such good friends (when they're not killing each other) it's a blessing to watch. I'm so glad they have each other even though they can't have their friends right now. A little calm, a little crazy, these kids remind me to live in the moment and not stress the small stuff. They are really helping me to put down my phone and let go of the fear. To find the upside to all this.

I hope we can defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible. I hope everyone gets healthy. I hope our economy makes a fast recovery. AND I hope our family bonds are stronger than ever after this.

If you want to donate to the Beach Food Pantry through FaceBook here is the link.

Sending everyone prayers and wishes for health and happiness in your life.

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