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Lacey & Alex | Sweet Carolina House | Nags Head, NC

Lacey and Alex's wedding took place on the beach with the reception in the backyard of the "Sweet Carolina" rental house, offered by Kees Vacations in the Outer Banks (OBX).

Many Outer Banks weddings take place at rental cottages. There are so many amazing houses down here that have plenty of square footage for a wedding reception. "Sweet Carolina" is one of my favorites for its backyard. The backyard of this beach cottage is perfect for a wedding. It is flat, with grass and a fence enclosing the area. There's lots of room for tables with a pergola, perfect for a dance floor. Here's a link to the house if you're interested.

This wedding had so many great elements, Red Sky Cafe is one of my favorite caterers. Their food is unique and tasty! Seriously, they never fail to impress me! Also, the bride and groom had a dessert table that included Duck Donuts...OMG. But what I really loved about this wedding was the people. The bride and groom's families were so much fun to watch the whole day. Such great people!

At one point during the reception Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" came on and all the love birds flocked to the dance floor. It was so sweet to watch both sets of parents being so sweet on the dance floor. I think I'll remember this wedding every time I hear that song from now on!

Lacey told me when we were planning that she wanted to do a fake first look with Alex. I had no idea what she meant but I was game! We told Alex we were going to do a first look in the front yard right before the ceremony. What Alex didn't know was that instead of getting to see Lacey in her wedding dress he would actually be meeting her brother/ man-of-honor in a fluffy purple prom dress! It was such a hysterical moment and so cool to see how these future brothers get along so well! When Alex embraced bobby I about died from laughing!

Lacey and Alex made an impression on me. They are truly kind people who are deeply in love.

When I asked Lacey to tell me about their story and what they love about each other she said:

"Our story is also simple, we had both floated around a little lost for a few years and finally found one another and were instantly inseparable. What I love about Alex is his genuine personality. He is always very relaxed and kind of quiet because he doesn't like to speak without saying something of value. He has an incredible sense of humor and sometimes, new people wouldn't expect that because he has a beard and lots of tattoos and most of the time a kind of serious look on his face. I love that he has such an unconditional and supportive love for me every single day. What Alex says he loves about me is that I am bubbly and caring and can have a positive outlook 99% of the time with an ability to make anyone smile. He probably also loves that I laugh at all of his jokes. Alex has always said that we are perfect complements to one another. Almost like the two sides of the brain. He is very logical, often serious, looking ahead and I am very much an emotional person who loves to laugh and live more in the moment."

And on their wedding day I saw what she had described. They truly see each other with understanding and love. That's a quality that I believe really matters in creating a lasting relationship. It was so wonderful to watch!



Venue: Sweet Carolina by Kees Vacation Rentals

DJ: Outer Banks Music Masters

Rentals: Metro Rentals

Caterer: Red Sky Cafe

Donuts: Duck Donuts

Outer Banks wedding at the Sweet Carolina house offered by Kees Vacations. This house in Nags Head is a great spot for an OBX Wedding!