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Commercial Shoot at the Waterfront Shops in Duck

I do a commercial shoot with Barree Station in Duck a couple times a year. Usually it's right when they've gotten a huge shipment for the upcoming season. It's always such a treat to see what they have in the store.

This time Jake came with me. He loves watching me work on these types of shoots. Sometimes I make him tell the model to say something funny to get her to laugh. Sometimes he gives me his opinion on accessories and outfits. At the end of this shoot Jake decided to step in front of the camera to show the model Taylor how it's done! This guy definitely has the makings of a director!

Duck is such a cute little village and it's the perfect place to walk around and shop. My kids love walking on the boardwalk. If you take the boardwalk all the way to the town concert area there's a trail that leads to a playground. We love walking the trails and seeing where they lead. One leads to Nags Head Hammocks. I always have to go in there when we end up walking by. Hammocks are my favorite!


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