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Engagement Portraits on the Beach | Corolla N.C. Photographer

Nicole and Stephen met me on the beach this summer for their engagement session. We met at on of my favorite spots, the beach access across the street from the lighthouse in Corolla.

These two actually plan on getting married in South Salem, NY at the Le Chateau Venue. But they love coming to the OBX on vacation and thought it would be the perfect time to take their engagement portraits. They were so right!

One thing you should know about me: I love getting people in the water during a portrait session.

There's something so beautiful about the pattern water makes when it's frozen in an image. That along with the way being in the water makes us feel...magic!

Ever since I started doing engagement photography, I've looked at the engagement session as an opportunity for my couples to have an experience together. A time to focus on the fact that they are engaged. It can be a break from planning to just enjoy the reality of what's happening in their lives.

If they are nervous it could be an opportunity for them to help each other through something. A preview of life together as a married couple. Having their other half to lean on. Laughing through it together, making it into something that's fun, that's the way life together should be!

Growing up here, I would go to the beach during the offseason. And most of the time I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, not a bathing suit. There are so many times during those beach visits that I would end up spontaneously going into the water. It called me and I couldn't hold back. I knew I would regret missing the chance to enjoy the water if I didn't go in. Going in even though I wasn't wearing a bathing suit made me feel alive. It still does! It's living in the moment.

So...I have noticed that I'm starting to get older...let's not go too far into the details of that.

But as I get older I am starting to get less carefree. I'm still the happy person I've always been but the detail-oriented crazy person is starting to take over. It's obviously good to be detail oriented when you're a photographer. And I'm definitely thankful that I do have that eye. But sometimes noticing every little thing can take over and become something that steals my joy away in everyday life. I have 3 kids. Jake is 5. Clara is 3. And Max is 1. Holy guacamole I'm exhausted just typing that but also so blessed!

Having 3 small children is MESSY. In photo sessions I love the mess. I love it when kids get in the sand and play. When they splash water and their faces are pure joy. But at home messy isn't something that I love. Over the years I have turned into a type A person who sees every spec of dirt on the floor, every imperfection on the walls. Most days I feel like I can't have a good day if the house is messy. I try really hard to keep the house clean because I know it is something that affects my mood. But I also try to remind myself to let it go if I need to. It's not always easy. Especially because I notice things I think a lot of "normal" (not crazy!) people would notice.

When I feel like I'm becoming that un-fun, type-A person on steroids, I take the kids to the beach and we jump in the water. It brings me back to that carefree person I was when I was young. It's the refresh I need! If it's a winter day we just stick our toes in. That polar plunge is enough of a thrill for me!

I think I'm trying to give that feeling to my customers who want to go in the water. The refresh of living in the moment. It's a little less staged. Going in the water is pure magic! (I hope I have convinced you to go into the water during our next portrait session!)

If you're ever in Corolla N.C. on vacation give me a call! Whether you're engaged, surrounded by family on a family reunion trip, or about to graduate and planning senior photos, I'd love to meet you on the beach for a fun session!


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