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Corolla Flying Photos | OBX Photographer

This year some of my favorite photos are in the air!

There's just something so magical that happens when these kiddos defy gravity.

Corolla Portrait Session, Katiedid Photography

Dad definitely got in a workout in these sessions! But it's worth it to see smiles and hear their giggles. I started out using what I call "flying photos" as a tool to get upset kids to cheer up.

Whenever I have a young child in a session who is uncomfortable, or crying, I try to redirect and change the mood. Flying photos are a great way to help young kids realize that the photo session is about having fun. It can take the pressure off.

Now I love these kinds of photos so much I do them even when everyone's happy! Why not play a little...or a lot!

If you're planning a trip to the OBX and want to do a Corolla family portrait session on the beach, give me a call!


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