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Outer Banks Engagement Session at Jennette's Pier, Nags Head

When I met NuNu and Doug I knew I was going to love working with them! We had talked over the phone several times before we met for their beach engagement shoot.

We decided to meet at Jennette’s pier in Nags Head and shot on the beach in the evening, just before sunset.

Jeanette's Pier is a wonderful spot for a photo shoot, as well as a great wedding venue. The pier above the beach allows for some great angles, especially walking on the beach, shot from above. The dune at Jennette’s Pier Beach Access makes a great backdrop. So we took our time and sat for a while and watched the light change as we headed into golden hour. That evening’s sunset was full of beautiful colors.

If you’re in the middle of planning your Outer Banks Wedding and want to get married on the beach, make sure to find a spot that has built-up dunes. It’s a great way for your photographer to flag the light and dunes can hide unattractive features like powerlines and buildings.

When I first got there NuNu warned me that they are awkward in photos. That’s when I knew I was really going to like them! So many people these days know all their angles and pose for Instagram on the daily. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, to me, sometimes awkwardness can translate into something that’s uniquely genuine.

In any case, the engagement shoot was a success. We got to know each other and we got to create some beautiful images.They were awkward. Which basically means that they laughed at all my jokes and that’s OK with me! I just love how even though they were nervous, they laughed through it. That really speaks to the type of people that they are and who they are together. They got through it because they each had the other to lean on.

Check back soon for a post about their October wedding!

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