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Corolla Family Vacation Portraits | Outer Banks Photographer

I met the "B" family in one of my favorite beach spots in Corolla. I love this location because the beach is big here and there are plenty of pretty backgrounds.

The Outer Banks is a special place for this family of three and they hope the tradition of coming down will carry on to their daughter.

The beaches here have always been my happy place. It makes me feel good to know that so many other people from around the U.S. feel the same way. It's something that connects us. "Outer Banks-ers" love this little sliver of land between the sound and Atlantic ocean. We hope our future generations will fall in love with it too!

I think this little one will make some happy memories here in the years to come. During our session she couldn't get enough of it all; sitting in the sand, walking with her parents, and being tossed into the air the way only daddy does. I had a lot of fun with this adorable family and I always love an excuse to cuddle with a sweet baby!


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